Teams Lakers would Love to Meet on their Way to a Ring

Miami Heat: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

PhotobucketI think if we polled Laker fans most would not want to meet up with the Miami Heat in the Finals because they would have more fun watching LeBron and Co. crash and burn in somewhere in the 1st or 2nd round. In them not reaching the Finals, it would solidify the idea of this 3 star experiment being a failure this season.

However, getting the Heat in the spotlight of the NBA Finals where the media coverage around the world grows exponentially, it would provide yet another opportunity for LeBron to perform another immature and unprofessional act to further accelerate his fall from grace. It would fun for Laker fans to see the Lakers shovel a few more scoops of dirt on the grave of LeBron’s once marketable persona.

If you would like to see some good reasons to dislike LeBron, take a look at my December article that provides some pretty good reasons.

Outside of LeBron, a meeting with the Heat would provide an opportunity to show the basketball pundits that all but gave the Heat the title at the beginning of the year that it takes more than just three superstars and meshing them with any available warm body to form a championship team. The Lakers could prove that it takes time together building chemistry, commitment, respect and confidence in the coaching staff along with the right role players to win championships.

Next: Green with envy.

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