The 2011 NBA Championship Rests on the Shoulders of One Player, and It’s Not Who You Think

Odom is one of the most gifted and unique players to ever play the game. But, ever since he entered the league out of the University of Rhode Island in 1997, he has left many spectators scratching their heads. A point guard living in a power forwards body, many thought Odom would come into the league ala Magic Johnson picking up triple-doubles nightly and championship rings annually.

Unfortunately, he was never quite right as a leading man and was soon typecast as a supporting actor. For the next few years he accepted this role and played it as best he could. But in the end, he struggled to portray another former star, playing Scottie Pippen to Dwayne Wade’s and Kobe Bryant’s version of MJ, respectively.

The results were inconsistent just like his game, some nights it worked and some nights it didn’t. But what became strikingly obvious was that Odom had been miscast again. He was no more the best supporting actor as he was the leading man.

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