The Advice of Dr. Buss Lives On Through The Words of Laker Greats

Dr. Jerry Buss MemorialWords may never be able to accurately describe the greatness that is Dr. Jerry Buss. For those that were able to watch Thursday’s enlightening memorial ceremony, hopefully you were able to appreciate the countless ways in which his life positively impacted so many others. Between the tears, memories and uplifting stories, the love and emotion that filled Nokia Theater was also transcending to audiences watching worldwide.

I had the privilege of attending the memorial. Sitting in a room of greatness, watching our Laker legends hold back tears, and learning all over again, what makes this Lakers organization so great.

As I sat there, listening to story after story, each memory adding yet another layer of impeccable brilliance to the man that is Dr. Jerry Buss, I realized that there was another emotion encompassing that room. A feeling that surpassed the sadness and exceeded admiration – that feeling was inspiration.

Behind each speaker’s story, was a message, a lesson, a gift from Dr. Jerry Buss, that he had passed on to all those around him. Now, through his memory, his lessons are a gift to all of us that will remember him forever, and I would like to share those with you.

Jim Hill: Work Ethic

“Don’t ever let anybody out work you. Go to bed late, get up early.”

Johnny Buss: Get Ahead The Right Way

“He was always thinking ahead…He never had to step on anyone to get ahead. He surrounded himself with good people.”

Frank Mariani: Be Fair in Business

“In any negotiation, Jerry put on a hat and see if it makes sense to our situation, then he would put on the hat on the other person and see if it makes sense for the other person. Once he felt it was a fair deal for both parties then he would say Frankie let’s go cut the deal!”

David Stern: Do What’s Best For All

“Jerry was devoted to the growth of our league and our sports. Always voted for what was best for all. Even if that took away from the Lakers.”

Jerry West: Humility

“Humility. He had it above all. He was so proud of the Lakers. He allowed you to do your job.”

“He was the best owner you could be from a cooperative standpoint…No one saw the big picture, he did.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Live Life To The Fullest

“That’s the way he lived his life. All in, all the time.”

Phil Jackson: Patience

“Dr. Buss patiently listened to the demands of Kobe and his agent…During one of those meetings Dr. Buss said to Kobe, if I had a diamond of great value 4 or 5 carats would I give up that diamond for 4 diamonds of 1 carat? No…He prevailed and we won 2 more championships.”

Shaq: Be Ahead Of Your Time

“He was a visionary. He saw the future before any of us did. And the future he saw brought people together. Brought people together to root for a team.”

Pat Riley: Trust

“Jerry’s greatest quality is the ultimate trust he had in us when things got tough. He would be there for you. All you had to do was trust back, we all did. His trust was a given.”

Kobe Bryant: Leadership

“He also had this ability to convince you to follow him.”

Magic Johnson: Share The Spotlight

“He would rather give someone else a compliment than receive one.”

As you exceed expectations, reach for the stars, and go for your dreams, make sure to keep the knowledge of Dr. Buss in your back pocket (of your ripped, and fringed-at-the-bottom blue jeans).

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant speaks at Dr. Buss Memorial Service


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