The Art of Kobe Bryant by Tracy Tubera

As you all know, Lakers Nation is all about tuning into the world of all things purple and gold from the perspective of a fan.  When I asked Tracy about how he discovered our ultimate Lakers site, he couldn’t have told the story any better,

Tracy's office Lakers shrine

“It was one of those things where you go on the Internet and look up any news about the Lakers because I’m completely obsessed with the Lakers.  During the season I have to find out anything and everything that’s happening with the Lakers.  I came upon Lakers Nation and it was one of those cool things because it’s by the fans, for the fans and that’s the thing I love about it.  Because when I read the articles it’s so funny cause it’s like oh God, that’s exactly what I was thinking!  I can’t stand some sportswriters and although it’s their right and it’s obviously their job to give their opinion on certain things, maybe I’m just so biased that I just wanna hear everything going towards the Lakers, I just have to hear everything being pro Lakers.  Even if it’s bad, I can take it better coming from a fan of the Lakers when they say we’re playing bad than from some reporter who happens to be reporting on them so that’s why I like Lakers Nation.  By the fans, for the fans.”

Well in the same spirit of LN, Tracy’s Kobe illustrations are by a fan, for the fans.  His Nike Zoom Kobe VI artwork is available for purchase at $30 per print at and you can also check out his diverse portfolio of work at  Each print is 11 x 17 on Archival Velvet Finish paper with each individually signed and numbered and limited to 24 prints.  You can expect to see a matching illustration with each new colorway of the Kobe VI that comes out, meaning he’s hard at work getting ready for the tidal wave of releases to come.

As I touched on in the beginning as well, Tracy is currently directing the artistic development of Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders cartoon series, which marks his first venture into the world of big-scale animation.  Toys, skateboard decks, shoes, clothes, you can throw it all at this artist and based on how far he’s come in an industry where you’re only as good as what your work indicates, we will most definitely be hearing and seeing a lot more of the name Tracy Tubera.

Art by Tracy Tubera
Art by Tracy Tubera
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