Fancap: The Battle of the Magic Kingdoms

The scariest part of the afternoon was easily when Andrew started grabbing at his left knee- pretty sure I had a mild heart attack. Every positive thing I’ve been thinking about him recently, how glad I am to have him on the team, flashed through my mind in a panic.  The Lakers avoided disaster for the time being because he stayed in the game and didn’t seem too worse for wear.  I feel no reason to panic or blow this loss out of proportion.  The Lakers have made real attitude and playing adjustments and are on a good path.

I also know that I didn’t mention Pau on this page, so the picture seems a bit out of place but I really liked it.  His facial expression looks abnormally aggressive, as if he is embracing his inner Black Swan like Kobe is urging him to do!

On a side note, I really enjoyed yesterday for a more personal reason as well.  It was the first Sunday I’ve had off in a long time (which is going to become a more regular occurrence luckily).  I loved being able to watch basketball for five hours on my couch… it reminded me of watching NBA Sunday doubleheaders with my dad when I was a kid.

I was a procrastinator even then and saved most of my homework and school projects for Sundays, when I tried to finish them while watching Michael Jordan annihilate whoever his opponent for the day happened to be.  Such good memories, especially of the NBA on NBC theme song!


I had waves of nostalgia wash over me when they used it for the USA basketball games during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 as well. It still makes me smile every time I hear it.


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