The Case to Hang No. 34 From the Rafters

Yes, it’s an exclusive list up in the rafters, but there’s one thing every hanging jersey has in common. They all have Hall of Fame status. Meaning it isn’t a question of whether or not his jersey will be retired, that’s already a given. The question is, how long after he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame should the Lakers wait to retire his jersey among the Laker greats?

A few months, a couple of years, 10 years or maybe even perhaps when O’Neal reaches the standard retirement age of 65. Actually, before you answer that, perhaps it’s best to wait and see how the fate of the 2011 O’Brien trophy is decided.


Ten years will come and go; we’ll soon forget O’Neal’s sure-to-be-brief stint with Boston. The Lakers will unleash the highlight reels, retire his jersey and let O’Neal speak to the masses one epic one-liner after another.

Can you dig it?

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