The Fish that Saved Los Angeles

It should only take me 0.4 seconds to remind Lakers fans of how crucial Derek Fisher has been to the Lakers success over the years. He has produced some of the greatest moments in our storied history.


Take a look back at the most pivotal game of last year’s finals, the Lakers arduous ascension back to the top.


It’s Game 4 of the 2009 NBA Finals, Lakers up 2-1 in the series but Orlando is seconds away from evening up the series. Kobe Bryant, plagued by a poor shooting night is getting smothered and the Magic defense is daring anyone else to beat them. Down by 3, the Lakers turn to Fisher. Despite missing all five of his previous 3-point attempts, he’s never shy about taking the shot. Fisher gets the ball in his hands, dribbles up to the right wing and pulls up over the helplessly outstretched arms of Jameer Nelson. Splash. We’re going to overtime.


Lakers tied in overtime with roughly 30 seconds left. Kobe is trapped by the double team and looking for a teammate willing to seize the moment. Odom and Ariza are open but Kobe is looking for his most reliable option. Fisher darts into Kobe’s line of vision at the top of the key, catches the pass 30 feet from the basket and rises up again. Swish. Vintage Fisher. He comes through yet again for his team in a crucial playoff game, first at the end of regulation, and again in overtime. This is a very familiar sight not only for Lakers fans, but for Jazz fans as well.

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