The Heat Is On

What was originally deemed impossible is suddenly reality. After LeBron James made his decision to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami the entire landscape of the NBA was dramatically altered. The basketball world had been bracing itself for this potential doomsday scenario for two years now, but when faced with the actuality of the situation one cannot help but feel overwhelmed.

The question that lingers after Miami was able to hijack the biggest free agency summer in recent memory, is where does the NBA go from here? As Boston continues to age and the King-less Cavaliers are now going to be fortunate to make the post-season, does any team have the talent level to stand up to this squad that would make the Justice League uncomfortable?

July 08, 2010 - Greenwich, CONNECTICUT, United States - epa02241975 Handout photo from ESPN showing LaBron James (L), NBA's reigning two-time MVP, as he ends months of speculation and announces 08 July 2010 on ESPN 'The Decision' in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, that he will go to the Miami Heat where he will play basketball next 2010-11 season. James said his decision was based on the fact that he wanted to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

The long answer, yes.

All the hoopla and craziness surrounding James’ decision has enough to make any fan sick to his or her stomach, but now that this is reality there is nothing left to do but look ahead. While the rest of league may seemingly be crumbling at the feet of the Miami Heat, there is one team that the Heat should still fear.

In fact, the entire league should fear this team. This is the team that has won back to back NBA Championships. This is the team that has the best coach in the NBA calling the plays from his orthopedic chair. And this is the team that still has the best player in the NBA lacing up his signature sneakers every single night.

There are still plenty of questions surrounding the Miami Heat. They currently have only four players under contract. The coach of the Heat is an inexperienced infant in terms of the coaching hierarchy. And the biggest question of all, can the newest “Big 3” work together to bring the Heat another championship?

When looking at the Los Angeles Lakers, these questions don’t exist. Sure there are roster spots that need filling, and injury concerns that may arise. Overall, however, the Lakers rule the Western Conference, and until somebody beats them, the NBA as well.

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