The Lakers Find Recent Success by Getting Back to Basics

This year both Gasol and Bynum (in his limited time on the court) are both shooting over 52% from the field, and 74% from the free throw line. Lamar Odom is a respectable 46% from the field, and 69% from the free throw line. With numbers like that, why would the Lakers chose to overlook their front court considering that starting ball down low in the half court also works within the confines of the triangle offense.

Any one of these three players can be the facilitator for the Triangle offense figuring that the system’s most important feature is the sideline triangle created between the center who stands at the low post; the forward at the wing, and the guard at the corner. By doing this, any one of these three players frees up Kobe and allows him to work his one on one game with his defender out on the wing.

We have seen just how potent/efficient the Lakers offense can be when the ball starts down low, and now at this point of they have all three of their weapons back up and running. Gasol is an effective scorer as a power forward in the post and at midrange; whereas Bynum is more of a traditional back to the basket style of center. Odom’s game makes it difficult for opposing teams to defend due to his foot speed relative to his size which allows him to run the fast break and finish effectively.

With those types of weapons and their various styles of play the Lakers should realize that utilizing them to their fullest potential has led them to having the best record in the Western Conference for three consecutive years. Hopefully after a dominant night in the post like tonight, they will realize just how potent getting back to basics can be.

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