The NBA Reset – 4/11/2011
  • Newsflash: Ty Lawson is a VERY good NBA point guard.
  • Kobe Says B-Shaw is good enough for him after PJ retires.
  • What’s worse: Gloria James slaps a valet or Allen Iverson pulling the ‘Don’t you know who I am’ card after being pulled over?
  • Khloe and Lamar premeired last week. I tried to watch it but it was painful (and not in the Jersey Shore, it’s so bad it’s kind of funny way). Highlight: Lamar compares himself to Susan Lucci. Lowlight: Lamar’s semi-estranged father angling for a handout. Best husband-wife moment: Khloe drums up support for her husband’s All-Star candidacy. I can only hope my future wife will do the  same if I’m ever on the NBA AS ballot.
  • Interesting hatchet job read by Harold Bell attacking the hypocrisy of John Thompson. Personally, my only past opinion on Big JT was that he was the worst TNT color analyst this side of Reggie Miller.
  • Another NBA franchise changes hands.

Finally, in this week’s failbag, my nomination for worst officiating decision of the 2011 season.

I give you the final seconds of this week’s Clippers – Grizzlies game. With the Clippers up by a point, less than ten seconds to go and the shot clock running down, Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe drives the lane and collides with Tony Allen near the free throw line. One official sees it as a block, the other calls a charge. They huddle up to get it right and finally decide on… a jump ball? What?

In the resulting jump the Clippers win the tap and Mo Williams runs out the clock without a foul being committed. Worst possible outcome for the Grizz. My opinion? They got hosed.

Yes, a block-charge is one of the most difficult calls to make in the game, but you have to make A CALL. It can’t be both. And just because two officials see it differently doesn’t mean they should just be allowed to throw their hands up and call nothing.  In the event that the officials have a disagreement about a block / charge call I think that (perhaps like in baseball where tie goes to the runner) the benefit of the doubt should be given to the offensive player. Just my two cents. Anyways, here’s the highlights of the game in their entirety:


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