The NBA Reset: 4/27/2011
  • Jason Williams called it a career last week. Here’s a nice little reel of some of his best  stuff.
  • Kobe Bryant is still the guy most NBA players would want taking the last shot. Go figure.
  • Speaking of Kobe, dude shot a PSA for tolerance as part his campaign to rehab his image following the f-word fiasco. You know what’s better than a PSA for rehabbing one’s image? Having a scary looking ankle injury, creating a dramatic fuss by refusing medicals tests, then coming out and showing no effects in a hard fought game 5 victory. Narrative replaced. It’s a funny world we live in.
  • Ron Artest win’s the citizenship award then promptly comes out and nails Belinelli with an elbow that draws serious blood. Nice.
  • Rockets looking at Kevin McHale to possibly fill head coaching vacancy? Wait, that Kevin McHale?
  • Nice piece on Andrew Bynum at SI.
  • I don’t think there’s a sportswriter, blogger or casual NBA fan who hadn’t written the obituary of the Kings in Sacramento. Now it turns out a last minute cash grab might save them. I hope it does. NBA fans in that area don’t deserve to be put through the ringer like this. But who’s fault is it really? Bill Simmons with a great column putting the blame squarely on the Maloof Brothers and a bit of bad luck.
  • Oliver Miller was arrested last week for allegedly pistol whipping someone at a barbecue. Frankly, I can’t believe he wasn’t too busy stuffing his face with burgers and dogs.

Speaking of things that are overweight, if you caught Inside The NBA last night you saw the highlight’s of Charles Barkley’s new training regiments. The look on his face at 2:15 of the below vid earned him this week’s failbag all by itself. Enjoy.


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