The Top Fan Gear to Bring to a Lakers Game

Part of being a Lakers fan living in Los Angeles means attending home games and part of attending those games is getting the most bang for you buck while at the same time demonstrating your true Lakers love. Whether it’s apparel that represents your Lakers pride or technology that squeezes out more enjoyment from the live experience, it’s just more fun to go to a Lakers game when you’re bringing along some cool stuff.

With that in mind, here’s a list of our favorite accessories, gadgets and gear that we’d love to be able to bring along to every Lakers home game.

1. Game Jersey 

Have a specific player you love? Want to show your love and support in a way that casts no doubt about your true Lakers passion? Why not get yourself a Lakers home jersey? Officially licensed Swingman Game Jerseys from the NBA Store online come in a variety of designs, starting at the low end with the Adidas Replica Jersey featuring a reverse dunk flat-back mesh construction going all the way up to the Revolution 30 Authentic Game Jersey which is constructed with an ultra light ClimaCool® mesh material. If you want to split the difference your best bet might be the Revolution 30 Swingman (pictured right), allowing you to get the look and feel of an authentic home jersey without the three-bill price tag of the top end.

2. Starter Jacket

As the saying goes, what once was old is new again. Well, you’re not going to find a Starter Jacket at the NBA store but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth scouring for through eBay or in online vintage stores. If you’re a fan whose interest stretches back into the 90’s you’ll remember how popular these jackets were back in the day. In fact you could you hardly turn on MTV without seeing a music video where someone was representing Starter apparel for their favorite squad. Our take? If you want to express a passion for the purple and gold that demonstrates a long running tradition of Lakers pride, go retro with one of these bad boys. Besides, it’ll keep you warm on the cold nights walking back to the parking lot on 9th and Francisco.

3. Mini Binoculars

Let’s face it, going to a Lakers game isn’t cheap these days. And often times the best tickets fans can afford are ones up in the 300’s, especially if they’re planning on taking their whole family. But to enhance the the experience of sitting in the nose bleeds so you feel like you’re not missing out, consider a pair of Bushnell Powerview Compact Binoculars. With a 8x magnification, a close distance of 21 feet and a center knob for easy focus, these binoculars will let you enjoy all the details of the live game experience. From checking out players’ reactions on the bench to spotting to celebrities to watching the Lakers Girls, you won’t miss a thing.

4. Flip Video HD

Capable of recording up to two hours of stunning 720p HD footage, the Flip UltraHD Video Camera is the perfect way to capture memories and highlights of your next trip to a Lakers home game. Of particular note, the third generation Flip Video Recorder includes a brand new image stabilization feature, which should come in particularly handy when you’re trying to record a crucial possession as the frenzied crowd is shaking up all of Staples Center.

5. iPad 2

You’d be surprised how common it is these days for fans to bring an iPad with them to a live sporting event. An iPad is jut small enough not to be cumbersome when taken into the arena and if it’s 3G connected it opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing the in-game experience. Whether we’re talking about checking the box score for instant game information or updating social media (hello Lakers Nation Twittercast!) Moreover, if you’re the type of fan who really likes to stay plugged in to the flow of the action, you can download the ESPN Radio App and listen to John Ireland and Mychal Thompson do live play-by-play. Talk about being immersed!

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