The World Needs to Open It’s Eyes and Stop Hating on Kobe Bryant

Bryant’s haters have to forget his past actions and they must realize what he is currently doing. Bryant has completely changed his demeanor, and he is no longer the selfish player that he once was.  Kobe has never committed another sinful deed, and he has never had another off-the-court issue. If the man has changed his life for the better, why do people still have a negative view of him?

In addition to his change in lifestyle, Kobe is making a case as the greatest player ever. Bryant is climbing the NBA’s all-time scoring list, and he is breaking franchise records nearly every season. Kobe’s focus and determination is at a level the NBA has never seen, and those characteristics are the main reasons why players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade will never reach the same level as Kobe. “Off the charts. Smith said regarding Kobe’s focus. “Probably the best I’ve seen since Jordan in his prime.”

In 2008 Kobe Bryant won his first NBA regular season MVP, and in that same season he brought the Lakers back to the NBA Finals.  Although the team lost to the Boston Celtics, the Game Six debacle was a boon for the Lakers. From that point on, Bryant became the ultimate team leader and he was determined to bring the Lakers back to glory. Kobe regained most of his supporters, but others were still unwilling to support him despite all of his success.

In the following season, Kobe Bryant finally won his first championship without Shaquille O’Neal.  After a tough stretch of mediocre basketball and winless seasons, Kobe got the burden off his back and led his “own” team to a title.  However, Bryant was not done there and he brought the Lakers back to the NBA Finals in 2010.  This time the Lakers went up against the Celtics again, and it was the toughest challenge of Kobe’s career. After seven grueling games, Kobe and his Lakers escaped with a win to capture their second consecutive NBA title.

With the coveted fifth NBA title, Kobe is only one ring away from tying the great Michael Jordan. In the early 2000s, Kobe was Shaq’s sidekick and many people believed he would stay in that position. However, Kobe had supreme confidence and he knew when given the opportunity, he can carry the Lakers on his shoulders. “He was riding shotgun most nights the first time around, still learning how to drive the championship car.” Smith said. “He is the unquestioned leader of the Lakers now. No one can deny that. And there lies the biggest difference between then and now.” Despite the negative comments, and the belief that he can never led his own team to a championship, Kobe Bryant proved his naysayers wrong and is on the verge of winning his sixth title.

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