Why 2011 Will Be the Greatest Lakers Season EVER

kobe wan kanobiAs training camp approaches and the dawn of a new NBA season looms, Laker fans have much to look forward to for the upcoming season.  Intriguing storylines, plot twists, and high stakes are some of the reasons why the 2010-2011 Laker season will be epic.  I think of the Lakers approaching season as the final tale in the Star Wars saga, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.  For fans of the series and of the Lakers, the final movie and the imminent NBA season is the closing chapter in an epic story.  Anything after this season (championships 7 and + for Kobe/Star Wars videogames, NJO, The Clone Wars) is just icing on the cake.  But make no mistake, the fans want this one.  Even non-NBA fans or NBA fans who dislike the Lakers will be forced to acknowledge the significance of the current Lakers team if they were to win another championship, just like how lots of girls probably got drawn into watching Episode 3 because their boyfriends forced them to.  There are so many storylines which add to the intrigue of the upcoming season, and as the season approaches the plot will continue to thicken.  Here are some stories to follow for the approaching 2010-2011 Laker season.

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