Three Things to Expect from the Lakers Second Round Series

Everyone remembers the 2006 NBA Finals when Dallas took a 2-0 advantage over the Miami Heat then proceeded to lose four straight games and the championship series. Ever since then, they have had a hard time shaking the “pretender” label from discussions about the franchise. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t help their case that they added Peja Stojakovic to their lineup this season, who has proven to be one of the biggest under-performers during the postseason in past playoff appearances during his time with the Sacramento Kings in the mid-2000’s.

So maybe they do start the series off hot or give the Lakers a big scare at critical moments throughout the series. But based on there history, that might not necessarily be cause for concern, as they are a shoddy team when it comes to pressure situations. They buckled in the 2006 finals, they were upset by the No. 8 seed Golden State Warriors in the first round after winning 67 games during the regular season. Last year, as the second-place team in the West, they were knocked off handily by the aging San Antonio Spurs in six games.

They aren’t the most composed team either – as seen in the Mavs’ displayed frustrations during their 110-82 loss to the Lakers on March 31 this season. They were struggling throughout the game, and with the Lakers nearing the victory, Jason Terry lost his cool, and it resulted in an unsportsmanlike showing from both sides.


While the Mavericks do have a history of buckling under pressure, they should not be taken lightly. They have a talented roster filled with players capable of giving the Lakers a run for the series. However, while they may possess a wealth of talent, they are still missing one key ingredient to postseason success against the purple and gold.

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