Top 10 Things Haters Say About Kobe and Why History Will Prove Them Wrong

8 – The Kobe Video Guys and Andrew Bynum. Everyone breaks out the summer of 2007 and reminds us of the time Kobe wanted out of LA.  He was frustrated with the team’s direction and was worried that he would waste yet another season of his prime while the Lakers (and especially Jim Buss) wait for Andrew Bynum to develop.  So he cracked… on camera to two douchebags who tried to go public with the video of him going off on Bynum in a parking lot.

The KVG’s became instant web stars/idiots that summer trying to cash in.  (BTW – the KVG saga still cracks me up. A friend of mine actually got an “exclusive” interview with them, meeting with them like some discreet back-alley drug deal.  He actually had his bags searched!!!)

Question, who was the starting center on the Lakers before the summer of 2007?  Kwame Brown.  The starting small forward?  Luke Walton.  Starting point guard?  Smush Parker (yep, that guy).  Look at the roster in 2007… you’re telling me you wouldn’t go off to two dudes in some random parking lot in Orange County???  Kobe had to drop 65 points on Portland just to land a 7 seed in the playoffs and get rolled by Phoenix in 5.  The guy had a VERY legitimate reason to go off. (BTW – The five worst words you’ll ever hear, “Starting at guard, Smush Parker!”)


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