Top 10 Things Haters Say About Kobe and Why History Will Prove Them Wrong

4 – He’s not an engaging personality. It’s a weird criticism but we hear it occasionally.  Kobe comes off a little forced.  As I said before, he’s not MJ nor Steve Nash.  Kobe comes from a sheltered childhood growing up in a foreign country.  He’s all-basketball-all-day, sort of like a mad scientist who has no social skills.  He’s Revenge of the Nerds but with a sick offensive game.

Early in his career he tried to mimic the Jordan soundbites with the “I love a challenge!” and the same mannerisms.  It just didn’t seem right.  Now he breaks out the occasional joke but his smile and laugh doesn’t seem natural.

My point… WHO CARES?!?  The best personality in the room is the guy with the trophy, and Kobe has five titles, three All Star MVP’s, two Finals MVP’s and one league MVP.

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