Top 10 Things Lakers Fans Are Thankful For: 2012 Edition

9. Bernie Bickerstaff

Before the Los Angeles Lakers gave Mike D’Antoni the head coaching position, the team named Bernie Bickerstaff the interim head coach. The long-time coaching veteran was more than capable of leading the Lakers and he finished his tenure with a 4-1 record.

The Lakers immediately improved with Bickerstaff on the bench and there was a much greater sense of freedom on the court than when Mike Brown was on the sidelines. Instead of a predictable offense, Bickerstaff let his stars play and there weren’t restrictions on what they could and couldn’t do.

The Lakers have begun their tenure with Mike D’Antoni, but enough praise isn’t being given to Bickerstaff for the job he did as interim head coach.

8. Mike D’Antoni

The offensive mastermind Mike D’Antoni is now the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and there is a lot riding on his shoulders. Lakers fans want nothing short of titles from D’Antoni, but there is no reason he cannot succeed. His offensive system will allow a great deal of freedom for the stars and with Steve Nash running the point, there will no stopping this roster.

D’Antoni understands what he needs to do in order to get this team on the right track and offense will come very easy for them. Although many Lakers fans were upset when the team gave D’Antoni the coaching job, he is no doubt a “perfect” fit for this roster.


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