Top 5 Lakers Power Forwards of All Time

5. Robert Horry

Robert Horry is a champion, he has more title rings than Kobe or Shaq, in fact Horry has to use two hands in order to order to fit all his “bling.”  Horry won three of his seven titles in Los Angeles, and developed the nickname, “Big Shot Rob.”

Although his stats are not amazing, Horry won many games for the Lakers with his clutch shots.  One of the most famous game winning shots came in the 2002 Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.  The Lakers were facing the Kings and were down by two with only 11 seconds left.  Kobe and Shaq both missed shots and the ball seemed to just fall right into Horry’s hands.  He shot the three, the buzzer sounded and the Lakers won the game.

Horry may never become a hall-of-famer and his stats will never impress people.  However, if it weren’t for Robert Horry, the Lakers may have never three-peated.


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