Top 5 Lakers Power Forwards of All Time

2. Vern Mikkelson

In case you don’t know who Vern Mikkelson is, you aren’t alone.  Mikkelson played along side George Mikan during the Minneapolis days.  Mikkelson is considered the “NBA’s first power forward,” and he too was a pioneer for his position.

Mikkelson spent ten seasons with the Lakers and averaged 14.4 ppg and 9.4 rpg.  Mikan and Mikkelson were the NBA’s first dynamic duo and they won four titles together.  Mikkelson appeared in six all-star games and was a four-time selectee for the All-NBA second team.

Just like Mikan, Mikkelson did not have the greatest stats, and compared to current players, Mikkelson does not stack up.  But, he was a pioneer, not only for the Lakers, but also for all future power forwards.


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