Top 5 Matchups: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns
April 30, 2006-Western Conference 1st Round: Game 4

Kobe Bryant was now the leader of the Lakers but they were going through a rebuilding stage with Shaquille O’Neal now in Miami. The Lakers went into the 2006 playoffs as the number seven seed, and no real expectations to make a serious run in the playoffs. Going into Game 4 the Lakers were up 2-1, with an opportunity to take a commanding series lead. The Suns would have a two point lead and the ball with less than eight seconds to go in regulation. The Lakers would steal the inbounds pass and Kobe would tie the game with an amazing layup over multiple Suns defenders. The game would go into overtime and with 6.1 seconds remaining and Luke Walton battling Steve Nash at center court for the jump ball the Lakers were once again down, but this time by just one point. Walton would tip the ball to Kobe and the rest is history!


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