Top 5 Shannon Brown Dunks

Number 1

Wow! That is the initial reaction when watching this dunk for the first time and although the dunk happened during a pre-season game, it will haunt Mikki Moore forever. In a pre-season match-up between the Lakers and Warriors in the Honda Center in Anaheim, Shannon Brown would electrify the crowd by poster-izing Mikki Moore. It started with Brown getting a steal and then managed to go the length of the court and go hard to the hole. As he lifted off the ground Mikki Moore decided he wanted to take a charge but was too late. Brown was able to plow through Moore, absorb the contact, and still dunk the basketball. The added bonus was the spin after the dunk and finished off with a smooth landing. It was the combination of air, contact, and power that elevated this dunk to the top.


Shannon Brown has spoiled Laker fans with his mind-blowing throw downs, but it seems like always has something up his sleeve. Whenever there is a fast break, missed shot, or strong drive to the basket by Shannon we can only wonder what is going to happen next!

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