Top 8 Statue Ideas to Capture the Essence of Kobe

Unstoppable; Impeccable; Unguardable. Easily one of the most deadly moves to ever be used in sports. More deadly than Kareem’s patented “Sky Hook” or Allen Iverson’s killer crossover, Kobe’s fadeaway jumper has become the most indefensible
basketball weapon.


He can alter it to use it in any situation, allowing him to score almost at will at any given moment. Nearly all six of his game-winning shots in 2010 came off his his unparalleled move.

No matter what people say, at the end of the day, Kobe’s fadeaway jumper will never be stopped. It is just the perfect combination of skill, elusiveness and athleticism, which allows him to get it off with a good chance of going in at almost any moment.

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