Top Lakers Offseason Needs for 2011-12

The Lakers essentially need to improve the entire backcourt this off-season, and the main trait that they should focus on is quickness. Quick and small point guards have been the death of the Lakers for the previous postseasons, and what better way to resolve this issue than to acquire their own speedy guard. Some players that come to mind that would fit into the Lakers system are Ty Lawson, Aaron Brooks, Darren Collison, and Jrue Holiday. Acquiring at least one of these point guards with a simple swap would immensely help the Lakers backcourt.

In terms of the center position, the Lakers do not necessarily need a new big man because they already have two productive players in Bynum and Gasol, but there is some concern around Bynum’s health and Gasol’s attitude. Bynum has suffered at least one form of knee injury in the previous three seasons, which has ultimately affected his production in the playoffs. Even though Bynum is young, he is a liability to the Lakers organization. Gasol on the other hand has not been injury prone for his entire Laker career, but he has been severely criticized for his lack of toughness down in the paint, and that was evident in the series against the Mavericks.

Dwight Howard has been the center of discussion as a potential addition to the Lakers for the upcoming year. The winner of the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year Award for the past three years has reportedly lost confidence with the Orlando Magic as they have been unable to deliver the right pieces for a championship. Even though the addition of Dwight Howard would be a welcome addition to the Lakers lineup, the core group of big men is already established. The length and strength of Bynum and Gasol has worked for the past two championships, and there should be no major shakeup in this area.

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