Uncertainty Offers Discovery And Breakthrough For Lakers Organization


For 34 years, Dr. Jerry Buss was and will always be the face of the most successful franchise in the NBA. Through the decades, he not only provided ten championships to the city of Los Angeles, but also provided a sense of stability.

Regardless of all the changes we’ve experienced in our personal lives, we could always count on Dr. Buss to provide us with Lakers teams that were exciting to watch and most importantly, championship contenders.

Since the passing of Dr. Buss in February, the Lakers organization and fan base has experienced change for the first time in three decades and, as we all know, change creates uncertainty. With his children, Jim and Jeanie, at the helm, there is uncertainty about the direction of the franchise that has quickly turned into negativity from the media this offseason.

Change is difficult for everyone, and the Lakers are no different, but it now provides the opportunity for discovery and breakthrough:

“Change is powerful. Uncertainty is the first step towards discovery and breakthrough. Changing means discovering something new, moving forward, and growing.”

There was always going to be a time when the next generation would eventually take over and this is their time now. Dr. Jerry Buss had a vision on how the organization would operate after he was gone and the Lakers are trying to put the pieces back together. Many don’t understand why Jeanie doesn’t have a say in basketball decisions, but her father figured it was best to separate the responsibilities. Even though it’s something that will be continually questioned until the Lakers are back to their winning ways, we have to accept this reality because his vision produced 10 championships.

There’s no question the Lakers organization is experiencing growing pains, but the next generation does deserve a chance to figure out their new leadership style that will enable them to continue in their father’s legendary footsteps. One can only hope that it’s sooner rather than later as the 2015 offseason presents the perfect opportunity for them to show what they’ve ultimately learned from their father.

Although the Lakers were successful for 30-plus years, the NBA has changed as a result of the latest CBA. Teams are moving ahead by implementing advanced statistics to maximize their financial resources and hoping to build the next dynasty. If the Lakers fail to adapt with these times, it only leads to mediocrity and the city of Los Angeles won’t accept that.

As a result, the change must be embraced. It’s not going to be the easiest transition, but the Los Angeles Lakers remain an attractive destination for any free agent regardless of what the media says. 34 years of tradition simply does not go down the drain because an All-Star, whose personality never fit with the high expectations of Los Angeles, decides to leave the franchise for the first time.

The unfortunate truth is when the Lakers are down, most want to keep them down. If history is any indication, the Lakers will be back and winning cures everything.


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