VIDEO Interview: One On One With Lakers Rookie Ryan Kelly

Serena Winters: How does it feel to be wearing number 4, Luke Walton’s number?

Ryan Kelly: Pretty darn cool. This Lakers jersey is something special, something iconic. Everybody in this country can say that they know it and I’m very privileged and proud of the fact that I get to put it on.

SW: Last time I talked to you, you were just getting settled into L.A. So now you’ve been here for a little while. What have you been up to and how does it feel?

RK: I’m enjoying and loving L.A. Still in the hotel, but I don’t mind it. I got to enjoy the beach a little bit and this weather’s hard to beat.

SW: How has it been working out in this facility since you’ve been here now and what have you been working on specifically for your game?

RK: It’s been awesome. All the players have been here for some time now and now that I’m officially medically cleared and ready to roll I’ve been working on my jump shot as much as possible, just working on a little aspects of my game, ball-handling, as we move forward into training camp being ready to go. I’m still working on the alter-G machine, the treadmill. I’m up to about 90 percent now and by the end of next week I should be able to really start running on the court, and start getting rolling.

SW: Now that you’ve been here for a little while who has reached out to you or who have you had the biggest connection with at the facility?

RK: I’ve been pretty fortunate. Most of the guys have been around. I have got to spend some time with both of the Steves, Steve Nash and Steve Blake and meet their family members. All the guys have been really receptive…especially for a rookie I guess.

SW: What rookie duty are you just not looking forward to doing at all?

RK: Carrying the bags is never fun. I already experienced that a little bit in summer league, which was even worse because I didn’t even get to play and then I had to carry the bags. That’s never fun.

SW: What type of music do you listen to?

RK: About everything, literally everything.

SW: Kanye or Jay-Z? Who would you pick?

RK: Jay-Z

SW: Colors, would you pick purple or gold?

RK: Probably gold.

SW: Nicknames for Kobe, would you prefer Vino or Black Mamba?

RK: I like the Black Mamba.

SW: What about for Steve Nash? Nashty or Great Gatsby?

RK: I think I like Nashty.

SW: Speaking of Nashty, have you seen his funny wild side? Has he brought that out to you all at all yet?

RK: A little bit, not too much. I think he’s holding that off for the season but I have seen it a tiny bit. It’s funny just seeing him around his kids too, that’s always fun.

SW: I also read that you were working with Special Olympics, were you doing that?

RK: I did do that. A lot back in high school and some through college. My high school Ravenscroft, back in North Carolina always worked with the Special Olympics every year. We got to work with them and I have been fortunate to stay connected with that. That’s something I really feel like I understand as somebody who’s in the spotlight to some extent. You really got to take advantage of that and give back and I’ve done that not only through Special Olympics but through an organization called the Monday Life which works with children’s hospitals to better the environment there. I’m trying to give back to the best of my abilities.

SW: That foots feeling good? The one that has been through multiple surgeries is feeling good?

RK: Yeah. It’s feeling great.


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