VIDEO: Jordan Clarkson Throws Out The First Pitch At Dodger Stadium

It was Lakers night at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, as the Dodgers faced off against the Washington Nationals. Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson threw out the ceremonial first pitch, and led the Laker Girls with the famous “It’s time for Dodger baseball” welcome prior to the game. Clarkson warmed up for over 10 minutes prior to taking the mound and it paid off. Check out his near perfect pitch in the video above.

What will Jordan Clarkson make this season? Find out here!

Plus, the Lakers 1988 championship trophy was on display for the fans and everyone in attendance. And, those who purchased a Lakers Night package received an exclusive LA t-shirt.

this will ALWAYS be a Lakers town!! no matter how big that clipper wagon gets

    1. You’re a thirsty ass lame lusting over cheerleaders on a story that’s not even about them. I can just tell you’re a fat boy. Racist fuck boy.

  • great first pitch, jordan. way to show paul pierce how it’s done! pierce should have been carted off in a wheelchair after that embarrassment of a throw.

    1. ur 16. ur what u call the too young of a fan base to actually be a real laker fan. stick to ur craylo box kid

      1. are you still on this site, moron? you would think after being proven wrong over and over and over you would have left by now. head over to the pistons’ forum.

          1. actually, I’ve been right over and over with my predictions. and by the way, you can stop stalking me on here. i’m not going out with you anytime soon. i’m not judging your lifestyle, but we’re not on the same team.

            be gone.

        1. lol and the artard claims that others stalk him. he probably keeps all lakersnation articles open in different windows and presses F5 every 10 seconds. he’s the biggest loser alive.

          1. That’s not nice you think every one is stupid, even when you look in the mirror you say stupid.

      2. Josh first of all learn how to spell your name, second of all slit your wrist and remember to slice down not across to make sure we don’t see you on these blogs again. Wow what a stupid child your mom created slap that bitch for me please

    2. Good to see you again , any thing I can help you with, you looked like you needed help last night ?

      1. the kid needs to spend atleast a season in the D league to grow. he just is not nba ready.

        clarkson on the other hand, is a budding superstar

        1. basing your opinion solely on summer league and predicting #1 will be traded two years from now… Maybe your still mad that Okafor is not a laker hence Jeremy Lin’s gone… Just stop.

          1. Realistically, the kid is going to be a nonfactor for the next couple of seasons. Laker fans are not a patient bunch. If the lakers don’t make the some head way into contenter status, in the near future, expect BS to be gone and Russell on the trading block.

            i hope the kid proves me wrong in the coming season.

          2. Also you are right about the summer league tho… Russell did not look good.

            to many turnover, to slow, inconsistent shot. lanky but no lateral quickness for defense.

            he game needs to improve.

  • Not the greatest form, but at least it was a strike.
    Coulda pulled a lame Paul Pierce or 50 Cent girl throw.

    Glad JC had a nice night at the stadium…Now getchoazz get back to the gym kid, LakersNation is counting on you!

  • Lakers Trade J.Randle, N.Young, R.Sacre

    Suns Trade M.Morris, A.Len, D.Booker

    I like J.Randle but you have to give up something to gain something.

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