VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Talks About Mapping Out Career, Developing His Game

Although Kobe Bryant has only appeared in six games this season, it will be his 18th season in the NBA. Kobe recently sat down with The Lord of Gameplan 4ME to discuss his earlier years and the development of his game.

Kobe opens by talking about finding a person’s passion and the importance of being one of a kind because “you’re you.” Kobe goes on to admit that he had always wanted to play in the NBA because it looked like so much fun. Looking back on his rookie season, Kobe says he had a foundation in mind for what he wanted to accomplish in terms of championships, financials, and the other aspects of this profession.

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Kobe says that he built upon his go-to move: the drive right, pull-up jumper. He goes into detail how that foundation leads to his “menu” of moves that expand his game and keeps the defense on their toes.

Kobe has always been one of the most committed players when it comes to enhancing his game and any chance to gain some insight in his beginnings is a treat. All eyes will be on Kobe as he continues to rehab from his knee injury and make his long-awaited return to the purple and gold.
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