VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Talks About Next Season, Motivation, Future Plans

1376121835979_1376121835979_rKobe Bryant has had a busy offseason despite recovering from a major surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon. While Bryant and his team of doctors and rehab specialists have “shattered” the usual timetable of an Achilles recovery, the five-time champion has been on his eighth consecutive annual Nike tour in China, drawing thousands of fans to come out and see him along the way.

Bryant has made multiple stops during his Nike tour to coach basketball camps, speak to the massive amount of fans and give reporters some in-depth interviews. Kobe attended the third annual Sprite charity game in Shanghai on August 9, where celebrities such as Stephon Marbury and Chinese musician Jay Chou, participated in the charity game to benefit poverty-stricken primary schools in China to update their basketball equipment.

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After the event, Kobe sat down with CNTV of CCTV News and talked about next season’s Lakers team, his motivation and his future plans after retirement.

When asked about his expectation for next season, Kobe still has the ultimate prize on his mind and is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

“I expect us to go out there and do what we do best, which is to try to win a championship. I’m excited about this upcoming year because there are a lot of question marks, a lot of people doubting.”

Not surprising to any Lakers and Kobe fans, Bryant remains hungry in his collection of hardware. When asked what his motivation was that keeps him going so strong, Kobe replied:

”Six, we’ll start with six and go from there.”

For those that are wondering what endeavor Kobe will take after his retirement from the game, you may have to wait a bit longer for an answer. When asked what role he will take after he hangs up his jersey for the last time, Kobe responded:

“I’ll just do nothing. I’ll become very, very good or great at doing nothing.”

Bryant did talk about his intentions of doing a lot of traveling with his family after retiring as the schedule of the NBA has limited that in his past.

While Lakers fans do not know what they can fully expect from the purple and gold next season, fans can be certain of Kobe Bryant’s consistent goal of winning a championship each and every season. Only time will tell if and when Kobe and his teammates will reach that mountaintop once again.

Here is the video of the full interview from CNTV (h/t KB824).


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