VIDEO: Lakers Lookback: Top 5 Bill Sharman Lakers Moments

Lakers Nation takes a look back at the top five moments of Hall of Fame Lakers head coach Bill Sharman during his six years of coaching the purple and gold. Sharman coached the Lakers from 1971-1976. Sharman spent his years as a player for the Boston Celtics before becoming a head coach only five years after he stopped playing. Sharman brought an NBA Championship back to Los Angeles after a decade long drought and paved the way for the lights to shine bright again in Los Angeles.

5.) October 29, 1996; Sharman Added to 50 greatest NBA Players List

17 years ago Bill Sharman was added to the prestigious list of the Top 50 Players NBA Players of all time. He averaged 17.8 points per game with three assists and shot 43 percent from the field. Sharman played in the NBA from 1950 to 1961. He played his first season with the Washington Capitals and the rest for the Boston Celtics. He played in eight straight All-Star Games and won the 1955 All-Star Game MVP award. Sharman holds the NBA record for most consecutive free throws made in the playoffs with 56.

 4.) Elected to Hall of Fame as a Player and a Coach

In 1976 Sharman elected into the NBA Hall of Fame as a player. In 2004 he was also enshrined into the Hall of Fame as a coach. He is one of three people elected into the Hall of Fame as a player and a coach. The other two elected in the categories happen to be John Wooden and Lenny Wilkens.

 3.) 1972 NBA Coach of the Year

In the 1972 season the Lakers set the NBA record for most consecutive wins in a season with 33 straight victories. Led by coach Sharman, the Lakers finished the season with a 69-13 record. Their win streak still stands today. With the winning streak and another certain significant accomplishment, Bill Sharman won the NBA Coach of the Year Award.

2.) 33 Game Winning Streak 

The Miami Heat gave it their best shot this past season, but fell a couple games short. In 1972, Bill Sharman led Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and the Lakers to a 33 game winning streak. The streak still stands as the longest winning streak in the NBA and probably will for some time to come. The streak led Sharman to winning the NBA’s Coach of the Year Award.

1.) 1972 NBA Championship

In 1972, Bill Sharman led the Lakers to their first NBA Championship in over a decade. This was the Lakers sixth NBA Championship out of their 16 total Championships. Sharman led the Lakers to an NBA record 33 consecutive victories that season and won NBA Coach of the Year as well. The 1972 Championship was the only Championship the Lakers won in the 70’s.


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