Video, Photos & Quotes: 2014 Pump Foundation Gala
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Nick Young on working out with Kobe Bryant: “He’s just been in Mamba mode, working out everyday and just been showing that.”

Brandon Jennings on advice he’d give to younger players: “One thing I live by is this quote I got back when I was in high school. The harder you work during peace, the less you bleed during war. So, the harder you work when nobody’s watching the less you bleed when it’s time to perform.”

Laila Ali on the best advice she’s been given: “Obviously, with my father being one of the greatest of all time, he pretty much told me never to step on anybody to get ahead, always treat everybody with respect, no matter what their position is in life.”

Doc Rivers on what makes a rivalry great: “I think championships. When both teams win and both teams lose, I don’t like to talk about that part, I think that’s what makes it.”

Doc Rivers’ biggest moment against the Lakers: “Oh yeah, that’s easy! When we beat ‘em Game 6. I think the biggest moment was probably Game 4 in the comeback that we had. Winning the title in Boston with the Lakers on the floor at the same time is pretty sweet.”

Doc Rivers on Byron Scott: “He’s a great guy, He’s a great coach. I’m glad he’s back he really is a Laker. Hopefully we can get our rivalry going, that would be very nice.”

Byron Scott on the Pump Foundation: “I think they have a good relationship with everybody because number one, they haven’t burned any bridges and they’ve been very honest with what they’ve been trying to do and once you’ve got guys like that, it’s easy kind of to attract other people to jump on board. And, I think that’s the main things about both of those guys that I love.”

Byron Scott on the Lakers:
“Right now, I’m just so anxious and excited about getting this thing started the next seven weeks and so is Kobe and some of the other players that I’ve met. I think all the guys are ready to try to prove people wrong about the way that people are looking at this team or viewing this team right now.”

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