Wayne Ellington Should Be Inserted Into The Lakers Starting Lineup
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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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That man is Wayne Ellington.

The individual numbers on Ellington have been outstanding in limited minutes so far this season. He is averaging 7.3 points and 2.5 rebounds in only 17 minutes, but his efficiency has been outstanding as he is second on the team in both true shooting percentage (59.6) and effective field goal percentage (59.1).

His three point shooting has been fantastic at 39.4 percent and he contributes on the glass as well. He has the highest rebounding percentage of any wing player on the Lakers.

His presence in the starting lineup would provide much needed spacing for Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin when they attack. Ellington taking the corner threes that Johnson gets is a much better proposition for the Lakers offense, and the tradeoff on defense is minimal at best.

For all of his physical attributes, Johnson has been anything but a lockdown defender. He made an excellent play on James Harden in Houston, but there haven’t been very many like it. He is a master at getting his hand on the ball, but he is awful at actually catching it and turning it into a turnover.

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Ellington being inserted would likely force Kobe to move to the small forward position, but Bryant is more likely to be successful guarding bigger guys than quick guards anyway.

The move of Ellington into the starting lineup also keeps Nick Young in his best spot, as the sixth man, and Johnson being a part of the second unit that gets up and down the floor a little more might be a better fit for him as well.

Interestingly enough, Davis replacing Jordan Hill instead of Boozer has actually yielded impressive results as far as numbers are concerned, and maybe that will be explored as well. Ronnie Price for Jeremy Lin is sure to be explored as well.

Wayne Ellington has more than earned his shot to be a starter. The numbers have been there, he consistently stands out when he is on the floor, and he provides an offensive spark that the Lakers need.

There may well be other moves made, but Wayne Ellington into the starting lineup should be the first one.


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