What Blake Griffin Can Learn From Shannon Brown About the Dunk Contest

It’s important to remember that the Slam Dunk Contest has been around since 1976 (however, it went on hiatus until 1984 following the NBA-ABA merger), which means that there have been hundreds of dunks attempted in that time span. What that also means, is that the amount of dunks that can realistically be completed is quickly narrowing. It’s not because the ideas aren’t there, but more so, the physical requirements to complete such dunks are not (and may never be) present.

With that being said, a lack of possible dunks means that players need to start getting creative – and they have; as seen in the dunks of recent participants, such as Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson and Gerald Green.

Players need not go to extreme levels to display such creativity, but they simply need to stop being “cool,” and instead, show that they actually put some time and effort into the contest. Maybe wear a costume and do themed dunk (a la Dwight Howard) or bring out some funny props – whatever it is, it should be entertaining.


Even if it isn’t the most spectacular display of athleticism, if a participant comes out and blows out a candle on a cupcake seated on the back of the rim, before throwing down a slightly above average dunk – the fans and judges are going to respond well.

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