What Blake Griffin Can Learn From Shannon Brown About the Dunk Contest

Dunking is an art. Just like a magnificent painting or terrific acting performance, a slam dunk has the opportunity to reside in a fan’s mind forever. Whether it’s something that has never been seen or a modern rendition of an old school dunk, there are so many ways that a dunker can turn his craft into a masterpiece.

Similar to the creativity aspect, it’s important to exhibit a well-thought out and planned set of dunks, but at the same time – make them unexpected and jaw-dropping. Even if it’s just hanging in the air slightly longer or jumping a little higher, a few inches is everything! Even if it takes a mess up on the first try, that’s okay. A a miss creates even more excitement because the fans got a tiny glimpse of what’s to come, and if the dunk is insane enough, they will be standing in disbelief when they see it completed.

What will be the moment of the dunk that everyone remembers? Will it be the initial take off, where everyone gasps? The twist-of-the-body movement in the air? Or the final slam, where the ball rockets through the net, and the dunker is seemingly floating down to the ground? Make all of the moments matter; turn every single one into a framable picture or into a video that is watched millions of times on YouTube. That’s what is important – making the dunk something that someone would want to buy, and own. It’s a contest of dunks, so sell the dunk for the highest price possible, because that’s what the fans and judges want to see.

Go back to 2002, where Jason Richardson stole the show. EVERY single person who watched that dunk contest remembers Richardson’s performance and how spectacular it was. He made his dunks a masterpiece, and he went home with a trophy because of it.


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