What Kind of Fan are You in Times of Laker Crisis?
Courtside Asian Lady is Always Calm

Lakers Nation is full of fans from around the world. For the past 2 years, we have read a lot of comments from our 250,000+ members of our Lakers Nation FB Fan Page and @LakersNation twitter feed that we have been able to see all the different types of fans who follow the purple and gold. With the current Lakers losing streak, we see these fans even more clearer than usual.


As Lakers fans, we’ve all hit that point. That point where we just witnessed the Lakers lose their third or fourth consecutive game, and it’s starting to feel like Hell is breaking loose. Even if the Lakers are sitting on a .700 record and one of the highest win totals in the league, Kobe Bryant and Co. have made it extremely difficult to accept anything less than championship play, all the time. Like any good fan base, losing is not something that is easily accepted, especially when your favorite team carries a tradition of winning that is so rich, it extends back to the ball club’s originating days.

With the season winding down, and a chance to still catch San Antonio for the best record in the West, it seemed only fitting that the Lakers, who had won 17 out of 18 coming out of the all-star break, would continue their surge to end the season and steal home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Unfortunately, that scenario took place nearly two weeks ago, when the Lakers were 55-20 and were the proud owners of a nine-game winning streak. Instead of chasing what should have been theirs to close out the season, the Lakers decided to re-enter complacency mode, and they have subsequently dropped five straight games.

However, while each addition to the Lakers’ loss column simply adds up the stress and mounts frustration, not every fan reacts the same way. As every person in this world is different from one another, their reactions to crisis vary just the same. And in the case of the complacent Los Angeles Lakers, when they enter late-season crisis mode, it’s not uncommon to see a melting pot of diverse personalities. From the optimist to the pessimist to the guy who should probably be in an insane asylum, here’s a look at only six of the different personas exhibited by Lakers fans during times of catastrophe.

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