Why Batman Beats Superman in the NBA

To begin this debate we will start with my personal favorite, Batman. Batman is a super hero that isn’t, as he possesses no abnormal powers or abilities. He is in every sense of the word, a man. However, his mental quest for what he deems is right in unmistakable, and his brain ticks differently than anybody else’s. His quest for vengeance comes from within, and this drives him to make an impact on the world. His determination allowed him to turn his otherwise normal body into a weapon. His relentless drive forces him to work harder than his opposition, so when his enemies are at the end of their rope he is just getting started. In his enemies mind, he is much more than a man, and this edge is created purely by the Dark Knight’s mind.

Superman is a completely different animal, almost literally. He is from a different planet and is immune to the perils that all humans face. He isuntouchable in every aspect of the word, and other than small fragments of his home planet known as kryptonite, he is invincible. Supermanpossesses physical attributes that no other human comes close to, and is able to defeat his enemies with brute strength and overwhelming power. While I am not calling him a dumb brute, the fact is that Superman doesn’t have to use knowledge or excessive mental activity to defeat his enemies due to his overwhelming physical presence. This is not to say that he is unable of such a feat, it is just unnecessary.

So, the differences between each character are what make them so great, and in the end are the reason they are loved. In a fight between the two it is impossible to say who would win, because each has such different areas of expertise. While you might argue that Superman could pick up Batman and snap him into little pieces, I would quickly counter with the fact that the Caped Crusader carries pieces of kryptonite in his utility belt and would be able to thwart Superman within seconds.

So where does the allegiance lie?

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