Why Batman Beats Superman in the NBA

So now that I have completely unveiled my incredible level of nerdiness, it is time to relate this super hero hype to real life. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have been at the center of the basketball universe for years. Many are on Bryant’s side, while many favor James. It is almost impossible to pick one of the other purely because of their drastic differences.

LeBron James is well on his way to his second consecutive Most Valuable Player Award. It’s been over since about Christmas Day, and really, it should be unanimous. Trust me when I say–he has truly been that good.

What’s scary, is that most NBA players peak physically between the ages of 26 and 27. LeBron, who is 25, will be signed by a team whom is getting a 2-time MVP just entering his physical peak. He’s listed at 6’8″, 250 lbs, but he is actually 6’9″, 265 lbs. He is an ABSOLUTE




of Nature.


Watch those three clips.


Okay let’s try and put what you just witnessed into perspective. That is a guy the size of Karl Malone moving and leaping like that. It’s just completely unfathomable the things the guy can do. His uber-athleticism, however, is the source of all his power. It’s just how Shaquille O’Neal dominated the NBA for the better part of a decade: physically, he was just head and shoulders above anybody that was thrown at him. Before games the broadcasters would show the list of the opposing teams big men, then quickly declare that each man carried with him six fouls that could be used against O’Neal. Shaq’s physical prowess reduced his opponents to mere fouls. He was, literally, the most dominant player of a generation. Because Shaq’s game was always based on supreme physical dominance, once his athleticism began to fade, his production tumbled.

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