Why Batman Beats Superman in the NBA

These are the things that separate Superman from Batman, Kobe from LeBron. Two summers ago, at the Olympics in Beijing, it was LeBron James and the rest of Team USA that walked away flabbergasted at Bryant’s 6 AM workouts. It was kind of a “Wow, if this is the kind of work horse that is in our league, maybe I need to step my game up” moment for all of them. And when things got tight against Spain in the Gold Medal Game, it was Kobe Bryant, not LeBron James, that they deferred to.

Kobe is cut from the same cloth as players like Michael Jordan. Nothing matters but championships. Each summer, work your tail off, and add another move to your game. Regardless of the outcome of these play-offs, Kobe Bryant will be in the gym this summer tinkering with his game. Now, this is not to say that LeBron James will be taking the summer off, but he has already made plans to absorb the attention of his free agency and film a movie. This is because of everything that has been stated above, because Kobe Bryant knows he has to take things differently, and partially because of his age has to stay a step ahead of Father Time as well.

Now I am not trying to say that LeBron James doesn’t work hard at his craft. Just because you’re 6’9″ and can move the way he does, doesn’t mean you’re going to dominate a league that is filled with the world’s greatest athletes. However, it sure makes it easier. Has LeBron ever made a move that wasn’t based on supreme athleticism? Are we entirely sure that without God’s gifts, LeBron would be thought of in any way similar to how he is now?

It will be interesting to see what happens to LeBron once his athleticism goes, which it inevitably will. It certainly caught up to Shaq a lot sooner than he expected it, but this is just another notch in the belt of Time, the only undefeated member of the sporting world.

Kobe Bryant, without a shadow of a doubt, would have pulled every ounce of potential out of whatever body God had given him, just like Bruce Wayne did.  It’s why Kobe continues to dominate in the NBA, despite his physical digression. LeBron, like Superman, was given other-wordlyabilities from the get-go, and is utilizing them accordingly.

Sure, they’re both Hall of Famers and both have a chance to go down as the Greatest of All Time. Hopefully, if all goes according to David Stern’s grandmaster plan, these two will do battle in mid-June for a Championship Ring.

But, which one should be held on the higher pedestal? Which one should be appreciated more? Is one better than the other or they simply different? Just like the debate between Batman and Superman will rage on as long as the two exist, the debate between Bryant and James will thrive as well as long as the two are in the league, and possibly long after they’ve retired. Each possess remarkable talents and abilities, they are just two very different individuals who find ways to succeed based on the gifts they’ve been given.

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