Why The Lakers Should Not Trade Pau Gasol

The Final Buzzer

At the end of the day, the Lakers are certainly an older team, and could be looking to get younger.

However, I feel the tradeoff between a player five years younger with less size and skill wouldn’t necessarily be the best move for a deep playoff run.

At some point in time, the team is going to need a solid half-court go-to player to bail them out, and Gasol is that guy.

From my viewpoint, you simply don’t trade a player of Gasol’s caliber unless you absolutely have to. No other big man in the league possesses the kinds of skills Gasol does, which is a serious advantage for the Lakers.

Maybe he’s not going to be asked to utilize all of those skills on a regular basis, but I can guarantee you come April, May, and June, when the Lakers are in a bind and the run-and-gun style of offense isn’t working as well, Gasol’s number will definitely be called upon to produce in the half-court set.

*Statistics provided by basketball-reference.com

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