Why The Lakers Should Trade For Rajon Rondo This Season

Rajon Rondo

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Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant were spotted eating breakfast together in Boston and it almost broke Twitter. Reports of Kobe trying to recruit Rondo hit the airwaves, but both players shrugged it off. The rumors do have some truth to them because Rondo is an unrestricted free agent this summer and if the Celtics really valued him as their franchise player, he would be locked up by now. Danny Ainge can deny Rondo’s availability, but once Ray Allen departed for the Heat years ago, then Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded, Rajon is the only star left from the 2008 NBA Champion team. When the Celtics drafted Marcus Smart as their future point guard, the writing was on the wall for Rondo.

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Jeremy LinThe question is: Are the Lakers interested? And if they are, what can they possibly offer via trade?

Jeremy Lin plus this year’s first round pick from the Houston Rockets for Rajon Rondo.

But is Rondo worth a max contract? There are also no guarantees he will re-sign with the Lakers if traded for. Rondo is a poor outside shooter and his free throw percentage is simply laughable at 30 percent (somewhere Shaq is smiling about that). When Doc Rivers was Boston’s coach, he often butted heads with Rondo labeling him as stubborn. Even when the Celtics won the title in 2008, the Big Three (Garnett, Pierce and Allen) didn’t always get along with him. In fact, Rondo’s closest teammate, Kendrick Perkins, was traded soon after adding to the chip on Rajon’s shoulder. The Lakers need a point guard who can distribute the ball, yet add scoring also. Rondo can get to the hoop, but when defenses pack it in on him, he’s not a threat from outside the key. He’s coming off a series of injuries and there’s question how legitimate his last hand fracture was. The Celtics are in the process of rebuilding, but is Rondo a part of their future?

eric-bledsoe-goran-dragic-nba-phoenix-suns-new-orleans-pelicans2In terms of 2015 free agent point guards, Goran Dragic is a more well-rounded and offensively chiseled weapon, but it’s not always the most talented players that makes a team better. Rondo may be offensively challenged outside of the key, but as an addition to the Lakers he would be greatly appreciated for his ability to penetrate. Jeremy Lin is a solid penetrator, but he’s inconsistent with his effort. Rondo’s stubbornness would work perfectly in Los Angeles because he would consistently drive to the basket. Since Byron Scott has been hired, the defense has struggled, but surprisingly, their offensive numbers are in the middle of the pack despite their record. What the Lakers lack is off-the-ball movement and with Rondo responsible for the majority of distribution, the team would get much better shots. Rajon has a strong enough of a will to fend off Kobe and demand the floor general duties. What Rondo lacks in outside shooting, he more than makes up for in passing and defense.


Remember When Kobe Bryant Called Rajon Rondo An A–Hole?

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