With Lakers Out Of Playoff Contention, 2015 NBA Draft Leaves Fans Divided

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The Neutrals

This group is kind of stuck in the middle on how to feel about the situation. On one hand, they want the Lakers to have a bright future and certainly being able to retain their draft pick and losing games is of high importance. On the other hand, it’s always nice to seeing the Lakers beat another team when they play.

This is the group that I’m apart of. I’m certainly not saying it’s the “right” or “wrong” group, but for me, it’s the best way to cope.

I’ll tune into the game and take on more of an analytical or businesslike approach. I’ll watch for how certain players are playing with each other, or how they’re expanding their games. Or, as it often happens these days, I’ll get distracted or zone out while the game is on.

If the Lakers lose, good. It’s all (hopefully) for the greater good and will give us a better chance at getting back to the promise land.

If we win, great. The team played well and the players gained some valuable experience and hopefully some of it will pay off in the future.

The downside of this, however, is the emotional detachment from the game. Sports are meant to be emotional. Fans are supposed to cheer, shout, and curse as the game hits its ups and downs. I’m typically the outspoken, loud fan at Lakers game (sometimes to the point where an usher may ask me and my group of friends to tone it down a notch), so to remove the emotional attachment is a bit depressing, to be honest.


Kobe Bryant On Lakers Future: NBA Free Agency, Any Draft Prospects?

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