All-Time Lakers Dream Team: Who Is Your Starting Five?


Sorry Shaq, you may be the daddy but Wilt the stilt towers over you and everyone else to get this position, and this is not because of the still untouched, won’t be for awhile 100 point game (sorry Kobe). It’s not about the legend or the statistical averages he stacked higher than any other center. Nobody comes close to Chamberlain, not even Kareem and his all-time point leading sky-hooks can catch up. Bill Russell couldn’t even stop him and Wilt could put the D on the Celtic ring bearer, too. From Phila to killer Cali’ and the Lakers, Wilt was all killer and no filler as he took up the whole paint and changed the game to make it his lane. Even with three guys smothering him in the painted area Wilt had the key to it all. He owned it and everyone. Now who else could dominate this position?


A.C. almost made it, Gasol needs a few more years for retrospect and Karl Malone’s really Utah’s (but what a great year from one of the greatest), so our man at the four is going to have to be someone a little different. The only way to settle this Kareem versus Wilt debate is too just put them in the same dream team and just hope they get along. If these two pivots played together they’d create a twin tandem that would even scare legendary San Antonio duo David Robinson and Tim Duncan out their spurs. This formidable frontline would be too much, for double, triple or even full teams coming on the floor to defend. Kareem’s no power forward but he could draw defenders out the paint for Wilt with his signature sky-hook shot (not that Wilt would need to rebound). Plus, if Wilt’s not dropping 100, who better to carry the scoring load than the NBA’s all-time points leader? The way to solve this best center debate is to stand them next to each other and see what they’re really made of.


The greatest player in the league right now-palms on the ball down-need we point to anyone else in this position (even if he is playing out of his normal role here with West at the two)? Like the game, it’s his. Leading his Los Angeles Lakers to a second straight NBA Championship back in 2010 Kobe Bryant once again cemented his status as best in the NBA, furthering his legend as one of the best ever to play the game. Sure Kobe had a lot more help than usual, but still number 24 looked more and more like number 23 in his dominance of the game. Kobe put on his fifth championship ring (one less than Jordan) but he couldn’t even fit it on his swollen finger. Still, today Kobe doesn’t just carry his team he carries injury after injury as he plays through the pain en route to comfortable victories. We could give 81 more reasons if we had to, but we’ll let Kobe’s numbers do the talking.

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