Greatest Lakers Based on Jersey Number

The most commonly asked question in sports is, “who is the greatest player of all-time?” For decades, that question has caused mayhem between fans and journalists.  It is hard to distinguish one player from another due to the fact that they played in different eras.  Even though the Kobe-MJ debate has amassed up popularity over the years, there is no clear-cut winner.  The Lakers franchise has also seen its fair share of superstars in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

It is very difficult to place one Laker over another, as each one of them has brought glory and success to the franchise.  Generally, critics and analysts look at a player’s statistics and championships to determine their legacy.  Usually, the player with more rings and MVPs gets the edge in the competition.  However, there is still no clear cut winner.

Instead of choosing which player is the greatest of all-time, let’s look at the best player based on jersey number.  The Lakers have signed hundreds of players, and they are remembered for the number they wore.

Forgot naming the best player of the decade or of all-time, instead let’s name the best player for each number 00-99.

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What about…
#1 – Anthony Peeler (and at least mention Jordan Farmar)
#3 – Sedale Threatt
#12 – Vlade Divac deserves consideration
#18 – Based on your Goodrich/McAdoo reasoning, Kurt Rambis was not the best #18…it was The Machine 🙁
#35 – Rudy LaRusso
#41 – Elden Cambell (and it’s not even close)

  • “14: Looking at the list of players who have worn the number 14, one cannot recall when these athletes played for the Lakers. Due to seniority and championship rings, Stanislav Medvedenko “wins” the honor.”

    Your list didn’t include Sam Perkins?

  • There is absolutely no way Cambell was better than Rice! Leave it as it is, Rice had much better numbers!

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