NBA Power Rankings:Thunder, Bulls and Heat are Leagues Elite

15. Houston Rockets (14): A great home team but struggles on the road. Their record is 13-11.

14. Utah Jazz (7): After a great week last week the Utah Jazz fall back to the 14th spot in the power rankings. Their overall record is 13-9.

13. Portland Trail Blazers (15): The Portland Trail Blazers have six players on their roster averaging double figures. After a hot start to the regular season they seem to have cooled off a bit. Their overall record is 14-10.

12. Orlando Magic (12): After a strong start to the regular season the wheels seem to be falling off the bus in Orlando. Dwight wants out and no one seems happy.

11. Los Angeles Lakers (16): The Los Angeles Lakers have an overall record of 14-10 coming off a tough loss in Denver.

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